Extruder linearity correction calibration

Updated 3 months ago ​by Tomáš Chvalina

Linearity correction is based on Trinamic stepper driver feature that allows definition of custom current-waveform. Default Trinamic waveform is sine function, but real waveform can be a little bit different and depends on used stepper motor type. Also, motors of same type can have different waveforms. Biggest distortion appears when the wave is crossing the zero point (or around the zero point), so the original sine wave is modified using power function to eliminate this distortion.


Linearity correction calibration procedure

  1. Download and print the Calibration Gcode
  2. Find a place with the best surface on the calibration object and calculate the correction factor.
    1. Focus especially on 45-degree lines visible as a darker reflection
    2. Most printers will have minimal distortion around the vertical center of the object (value 1.10)
  3. Adjust Settings/E-correct to the calculated value.

Download: ECOR_TOWER.gcode

Calibration object GitHub page- ECOR_TOWER

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