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Move, Rotate, Scale tools

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Objects can be moved by left-mouse drag even when the move tool is inactive. Enabling the Move tool M displays a 3D gizmo, which lets the user adjust the object’s position in the X, Y or Z-axis.

  • 1mm increments Shift


The Rotate tool (R) displays a 3D gizmo, which lets the user rotate the object around the X, Y or Z-axis. As soon as the user grabs one of the axes handles, two sets of white circular guidelines appear. Hovering the mouse over these guidelines will change the rotation from smooth to discrete steps.

  • Outer circle / short marks 5-degree increments
  • Inner circle / long marks 45-degree increments


The Scale tool (S) displays a 3D gizmo, which lets the user scale the object either uniformly, by grabbing one of the corner boxes, or non-uniformly, grabbing the X, Y or Z-axis handle.

By default, scaling is symmetrical, both sides of the model expand uniformly and the center stays in place. Holding down the Ctrl key before grabbing one of the X, Y or Z handles switches the mode to non-symmetrical.

  • 5% increments Shift
  • Scale to fit (maximum size) F
    • only with the scale tool selected

Moving an object below the print bed

An object can be moved below the print bed to print just the part of the object above the print bed.

You can achieve a similar result with the Cut tool. However, using the move tool is arguably simpler to use, non-destructive, and very handy, for example, if you just need to flatten the bottom of an uneven object to be printable without a raft. The “Drop to bed” button in the object manipulation panel can be used to move the object back to the print bed, so it's no longer sinking below it. The intersection of the model with the bed is visualized with a white outline. Moving objects below the print bed is not allowed in SLA mode, for now. It would make the placement of SLA supports confusing.

Moving an object above the print bed

We have a standalone article about how to do this.

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