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In some cases, you might want to cut a model into multiple pieces before printing:

  • the model is too big to be printed in one piece
  • you only want to print a part of a model

PrusaSlicer provides an elementary cutting function. Cutting is possible with the XY plane. Select the object and press the C key or pick the Cut tool from the left toolbar. A 3D gizmo and a context menu will appear.

You can adjust the position of the cut plane on the Z-axis by grabbing the gizmo cube handle and dragging it up or down. Alternatively, you can enter an exact value [mm] in the context menu. By default, the model will be split into two parts, both of which will be kept in their current orientation and placed on the print bed.

You can choose to discard either the top or bottom part by unticking Keep upper/lower part. Lastly, you can decide to rotate the lower part upwards - this is often handy as the cut creates a nice flat area to place on the print bed.

To cut model along different axes rotate the model first and then perform the cut.

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