Printable parts for Original Prusa i3

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Plastic parts used on our 3D printers are printed by the same machines, which means that we are still holding on to the original idea of the RepRap project. If you want to print replacement parts or to have the printer in a different color, you can print the parts yourself. 

Don't forget to check out the article about our 3D printing farm where we produce plastic parts for the printers :) 
If you have printed your own plastic parts, check this manual for guidance on post-processing.

The naming of printable parts

To know the origin of our printable parts, we are using naming which always starts with an alphabetical letter and is followed by a number

  • B# - Parts produced in our 3D printing farm which are tested and will be sent to our customers in a form of a Kit or Pre-assembled printer. 
  • R# - Parts which can be found at or our GitHub. These are the parts you are able to print yourself. 
Each letter of the alphabet can be used only 9 times. Currently all of our parts are labeled with B, however, once we reach B9, it will be followed by C1. 

We are constantly updating our production parts (B#) in order to make them even better. However, not all of the versions will actually ever leave our warehouse. That is the reason why the shared parts (R#) are labeled with a lower number in comparison to the production parts (shared files are updated only after the in-house production parts go through a series of testing).  

When you are looking for the newest available parts to download, simply look at

  • Production parts till B4 are equal to R1 
  • Production parts till B5 to B6 are equal to R2
If we release a new version of printable parts, it will come with a changelog which will contain information about all of the changes. 

Downloading printable parts

You can always find the latest printable parts for all of our 3D printers or printer upgrades at Printable parts are divided into two groups: 

  • Complete kits - which contain a full set of plastic parts for the entire 3D printer.  
  • Upgrades - which contain only the parts for upgrading to the new version of the printer. 

When you are printing upgrades, you can use PETG G-codes generated by us. However, if you decide to generate your G-codes, it is recommended to use 0.2 mm layer height, infill 20% GRID and material PETG


Find out more troubleshooting tips here: Community Forum | Assembly Manuals | Youtube channel |

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