Increasing Print Adhesion

In some special occasions, like a tall object with a very small contact area with the print surface, you might need to increase the adhesion. Fortunately PEI is a very chemically resistant polymer and you can temporarily apply different coatings without damaging it.

This also applies to materials which would not stick to PEI otherwise, like Nylon etc.

Before applying anything to the bed, consider using Brim option in Slic3r, which increases the surface area of the first layer by creating an offset from the base perimeter. 

Temporary Surface Coatings

For PLA and Nylon blends a simple glue stick does the trick. Glue can be later easily removed by window cleaner or  warm dish soap water.

For ABS prints, ABS juice can be used and later cleaned with pure acetone. Be very gentle when applying the juice and do so while the bed is cold. Prints will attach very strongly.

PEI Scrubdown

If you are not interested in the clean up or re-application of various surface coatings between prints, we can rough up the PEI surface to increase print adhesion.

***PLEASE use a dust mask or respirator for the next step***

We recommend using the scrubber side of a dishwashing sponge to scrub down the surface (other things such as high grit sandpaper will also work). When scrubbing, be sure that you are applying a little bit of force, you should see some PEI residue/particulate as you scrub.

Once you've scrubbed down the surface, take a dry cloth to wipe off the surface. Follow it up with a thorough wipe down with isopropyl alcohol or acetone.

Enjoy the extra print adhesion on your next print!

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