Z Calibration Info and Errors

During the mesh bed levelling procedure, following errors may be reported on the display.

1) Bed leveling failed. Sensor disconnected or cable broken. Waiting for reset.

Verify, whether the PINDA probe cable is plugged into the RAMBo board correctly. If it is the case, the PINDA probe is broken and it needs to be replaced.

2) Bed leveling failed. Sensor didn’t trigger. Debris on nozzle? Waiting for reset.

This is a safety check to avoid the nozzle to crash into the print bed if the PINDA sensor stops working or something goes wrong with the printer mechanics (for example, a pulley slips). This safety check may be triggered as well, if the printer has been moved to an uneven surface.

At the end of the X/Y calibration, the printer measures the reference height above each of the 9 bed sensor points and stores the reference heights into a non-volatile memory. During the normal bed leveling, it is expected that the PINDA probe triggers not further than 1 mm from the reference value, therefore the nozzle is not allowed to move more than 1 mm below the reference value during the bed calibration.

If you moved the printer, you may need to re-run the X/Y calibration to sample new reference Z height values reflecting the twist and bend of the table surface the printer is sitting on. If that does not help, please verify, that the PINDA probe is aligned with the sensor points on the print bed during the bed Z calibration. The alignment shall be ensured by the automatic X/Y calibration routine. If the PINDA probe is no more aligned during the Z calibration over time, it is possible, that a pulley is slipping or something on the machine frame got loose.

3) Bed leveling failed. Sensor triggered too high. Waiting for reset.

Similar to case 2). This time the PINDA sensor triggered more than 1 mm above the reference height.

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