Firmware upgrade and flashing

Having the latest firmware in your printer insures that you are getting the most out of it. 

Before upgrading the firmware always make sure that you have the latest driver package (which contains the Firmware Updater) and you are flashing the correct version of the firmware for your printer.

Step 1: Download drivers

Step 2: Downloading new firmware

  • Go to and download latest firmware.
  • Unzip the firmware package
  • Select the correct .hex file according to your printer. Use the handy graphics on the right.
  • It's necessary to have firmware *.hex file on the same drive as FirmwareUpdater application! (For windows it's typically drive C)
  • You can easily recognise which electronics do you have by looking at filament diameter and LCD connection (both highlighted in picture)

Step 3: Upgrade the firmware

  • Connect your printer to the computer and turn it on
  • Launch the FirmwareUpdater application
  • Choose your firmware .*hex file
  • Choose serial port of your printer
  • If you don't see your printer on the left, hit this button and wait around 2 seconds
  • Hit Update! button
  • Monitor the status of updating

Step 4: DONE

  • Congratulations, now you have successfully updated firmware in your printer, HAPPY PRINTING!

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