Self Test Error Messages

Heater/Thermistor - Not connected:

Check proper wiring of hot end power cables and thermistor cables. Ensure that both are properly connected to the Rambo electronics, and that they are not swapped.

Bed/Heater - Wiring error:

Check that heatbed and hotend power cables are not swapped or thermistor cables from both hotend and heatbed are not swapped in the Rambo electronics.

Endstops - Wiring error - {XYZ}:

Check the proper cabling of endstops. Routine indicates axis on which endstop reported malfunction or is not properly responding. Check the proper connection in the Rambo electronics.

Motor - {XYZ} - Endstop {XYZ}:

Check that motor and endstop on indicated axis are properly connected to the Rambo electronics and not swapped with motor or endstop of different axis. Axis causing the problems is indicated on the LCD panel.

Endstop not hit - Motor {XZY}:

Check mechanical settings that endstop can be reached when axis is in maximal position.

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