Firmware update and flashing problems

Always check if new driver package wasn't released before flashing the firmware. 

Timeout error

FirmwareUpdater isn't getting a response from the RAMBo mini board. First thing to check, if the printer is connected to the power. If this doesn't help, next thing is to check if the actual RAMBo mini board is getting the power it needs. LCD needs to be lit and showing the printer menu, if not check the fuses on the RAMBo mini board.

Only *.hex files are allowed !!!

Wrong file has been selected for flashing. Make sure to unpack the the archive with firmware and select the .hex file for your printer model.

Spaces are not allowed in path

Upgrade to the latest drivers package. Newest FirmwareUpdater can handle spaces in file path.

LCD shows only squares after firmware update

If the LCD and menu was working correctly before the firmware update, firmware for different printer model was flashed.

Verification error

FirmwareUpdater can't verify the flashed firmware. Try using different USB cable. Completely unplugging the printer from power and USB for few minutes is also considered good practice. Different version of the firmware can usually by flashed without a problem.

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