The Printer is Not Powering On

If the printer does not power on, first thing to do is power off the PSU and unplug the AC power cord. Also unplug the USB cable if it is currently plugged in. This just ensures no power will be present when we go to examine the wiring.

  • Check that the power supply has the proper AC voltage selected, either 110v or 220v. There is a small rocker switch that you can use to toggle between the two options. It is absolutely crucial that the printer is disconnected from the power outlet!
  • Check all the wiring for broken cables. In some occasions too tight zip ties can damage the wire insulation and cause a short
  • Check the wiring of your RAMBo board with the following wiring diagram
  • Check the RAMBo fuses
  • Check the power supply voltage and if it provides the correct 12V DC. If not, please contact our support.

If the problem still persists and PSU provides power. Remove the RAMBo from the housing and try to disconnect everything except the PSU and LCD panel. If it doesn't light up, please contact our support team. If it does power up, add one component after another and you should easily find the problematic part of the printer.

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