MAXTEMP means, that maximal temperature threshold was reached. 260°C with V6 Lite hotend and 310°C with V6 Full hotend. Printer will shut down the heaters to prevent damage.

Indication: MAXTEMP shown on the screen and one of the temperature readouts shows unusually high temperature.

Possible causes:

  • Thermistor leads are shorted (connected together) against the heaterblock. Hotend temperature readout is constantly showing temperature over 300C. This can happen during printer assembly rarely. First step is to carefully unscrew the thermistor securing screw, then check if the fiberglass sleeving is covering the whole length of the thermistor leads. Sleeving is stretchy, so make adjustment to cover the whole lenght and secure the thermistor back in place.
  • Occasional glitch. Sometimes the heater can be tricked to overcompensate, possibly by a blast of colder air, which when suddenly removed can cause the heater to spike over the temperature. Restart the printer and monitor if the problem occurs again.
  • Printer heats up uncontrollably when first powered after assembly triggering the MAXTEMP. Quickly power off the printer. PSU power was wrongly connected into heatbed output and vice versa. In this case printer has no way to turn the power to the heater as there is direct connection to the power from PSU. Hotend will get permanently damaged if not caught in time.

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