Changing or replacing nozzle

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In case of replacing The Olsson Ruby nozzle, make sure to follow instructions from their website. Otherwise you might damage it: instructions for replacing Olsson Ruby.

Preheat the nozzle (LCD menu -> Settings -> Temperature -> Nozzle) and set the temperature to at least 200°C. Heating the nozzle is crucial for removing the old nozzle and putting in the new one.

  1. Move the extruder body upwards to get to the nozzle end (LCD menu -> Settings -> Move axis -> Move Z -> Set the height by rotating the LCD knob and then confirm).
  2. Unscrew the screw on fan mouthpiece and the two screws on the print fan and remove both parts (Pict. part 1).
  3. Remove the two front screws on the nozzle fan (Pict. part 2).
  4. Unscrew the two screw holding the extruder cover (Pict. part 3). Even though the nozzle itself is accessible directly, we recommend to take the extruder cover to get access to the heating element.
  5. Now the whole nozzle body is accessible (Pict. part 4).
  6. Hold the heating element with a spanner (size 17) and unscrew the nozzle (Pict. part 5)Be careful, the nozzle is still hot!

When the new nozzle is inserted, tighten it while the nozzle is preheated. While tightening do not forget to hold the heating element with the spanner. Re-assemble the extruder, insert the filament and you are ready to print.

  • Be careful, the nozzle is hot during this whole process and can cause burns!
  • Be careful around the hotend thermistor leads, you can break them easily.
  • Be careful and don’t apply force to the nozzle or heater block, you can bend the heatbreak easily.

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