Clogged nozzle

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Before making any attempts of clearing the clog. We must make sure what kind of clog you are experiencing. 

  1. Clog which is happening mid print, but once loading a new filament it is going through
  2. Clog which does not allow you to load new filament 

Midprint clogs

If your printer happens to stop extruding at a similar Z height each time. Then there is a chance you are experiencing repetitive clogs. 

Things to do:

  1. Make sure that your Nozzle/ Hotend fan orientation is right = it must be pulling the air inside not outside. 
  2. You are using proper settings for material that is being printed 
  3. Try to play around with your printing temperatures a little. Possible go +/- 5°C.

If none of these are a source of your issue. Then please try to follow instructions down bellow for Clogged nozzle.

Clogged nozzle

On occasion, the nozzle of your hot end may get clogged. This can be due to multiple reasons such as the following:

  1. Bad Filament
  2. Debris on Filament from improper storage
  3. Mixing of different types of filament

How to clear the clog out of your nozzle?

!Be aware that nozzle will be heated up during this process!

There are a couple of tricks that can be done to clear the clog. Starting with the easier ones which take a couple of seconds. To those in which we must dis-assemble the Extruder. If you succeed in one of them. There is no need to continue.

1st Needle through the Nozzle exit

Heat up the nozzle to the filament temperature and using the needle try to push through the exit of the nozzle. Once the structure inside weakens, try to load the filament.

2nd Cold pull 

This procedure works only with PLA at 80-100C. Once the filament is loaded and heated it will melt on the outside, yet inside it will stay stuck. This way it will attach to anything inside of the Hotend.

Now simply pull the filament out of the extruder with your hand/pliers. **Pull it rather than yank/ jerk it. As you do not want to break the filament.**

3rd Heat up to the 235/275C

*For this procedure you will need about 1.5mm wide wire*

If none of the above has worked then try to heat up the nozzle to 235C for PLA and 275C for ABS. Let it heat for about 5 minutes. Then push the wire from the top to the bottom of the extruder. 

Once this procedure is done successfully and you are able to load the filament. Please go back to the Cold pull as there still might be some left-over plastic on the edges of the hotend. 

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