Blown Fuse (miniRAMBO)

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The miniRAMBO board has built in fuses to protect the board. There are three fuses in total. If one of them gets blown, then your board would lose all of its capabilities.

Each one of the fuses are managing a different segment of the miniRAMBO board.

F2 (5A fuse) - Extruder motor, X-axis motor, Y-axis motor and Z-axis motors 
F3 (5A fuse) - 
Thermistor for Hotend & Heatbed, Print fan & Hotend fan 
F4 (15A fuse) - 
Heated bed & Hotend heater 

That means that if one of them would be blown. The segment it is protecting is the one we should test out for a potential short. 

If you happen to own multimeter then you can easily test out all of the components for a potential short. If there would be any, please contact with proper footage of it. 

How to proceed:

  1. Get a new 5A/15A fuse (fuses can be found at any local auto parts or hardware store - just to be sure bring the blown fuse with you)
  2. Place the new fuse in its proper place - ! Double check to use proper 5A/15A especially for the heated bed ! 
  3. Unplug devices from the previously blown fuse and try to turn on your printer 
  4. Turn off the printer and plug all of the components to the miniRAMBO board

If you would be able to use all of the functions of your printer then you should not worry about it at all, most likely it was just a faulty fuse from the start. Would the issue persist, please contact

RamboMini photo below for reference. (Fuses are located at F2,F3,F4)

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