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MINTEMP means, that minimum temperature of one of the thermistors was met. It is a safety feature which is preventing from uncontrollable heating of your printer once there is a problem with one of the thermistors. The printer will not allow you to print until the issue is resolved.

Indication: MINTEMP is shown on the LCD screen and at-least one of the temperature readouts show below 16°C.

*For fully built i3 MK2 printer owners only = if you happen to receive the printer during winter and you want to start using it out of the box, wait until it reaches the ambient temperature.*


  1. Make sure that your thermistor is properly plugged into the miniRAMBO board and making  good contact with all of the pins - double check with the wiring schemata MK2/MK2S Electronics Wiring
  2. Thermistor leads are broken, this can happen only during re-/assembly as our hotends are tested. You can diagnose it using a multimeter which would show "infinite resistance". 
  3. Ambient temperature is bellow 16°C make sure that ambient temperature is above 16°C and that no air-condition is close to it.


  1. Make sure that your thermistor is properly seated under the heated bed with the golden Kapton tape. If yes then simply put it back and make sure that your thermistor got some space for movement of the Y-axis.
  2. Thermistor cable might be wearing down - this can be seen if the temp. is randomly jumping up and down during the Y-axis movement. In this case, thermistor must be soldered or replaced.
  3. Using hair dryer - test out if it is actually thermistor not registering any temperature or Heated bed not heating up

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