Bed level correction (Kit only)

Updated 11 days ago ​by Tomáš Chvalina

Bed level correction is an advanced feature that is designed to allow advanced users to correct for the slightest imperfections in the first layer. This feature can be found in Calibration - Bed level correction.

When and how to use this feature 

This feature is great once you would feel that printed objects do not stick all around the Heated bed. Then you shall use the Bed correction. 

The limit is +/-50 microns and even +/-20 microns can make a huge difference. When you are using this function, do small incremental changes.

For the example we will be using Live Z value -1.000. We will want to tweak our Left side which seem to be too squished. Our right side is not sticking well. 

  1. So we will be increasing our Left side by +15. So in total Live Z in the Left side is 0,015-1,000 = -0,985.
  2. Now we will be lowering our Right side by -10. So in total Live Z in the Right side is -0,010-1,000 = -1,010.

Just like in the Live Z adjust. Negative values lowers the nozzle closer to the Heated bed. 

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