XYZ Calibration details

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Since the release of firmware version 3.0.12, you have an access to more detailed info about XYZ calibrating results. This new feature can be found in Support - XYZ cal. details

The 1st screen tells you the distance of the “perfect” position of your front 1st, 2nd and 3rd calibration points. Ideally, all of these are positive and at least 0.5 mm or more. If the margin is between 0 and 0.4 mm, then there is a chance that your calibration will not work all of the time. In order to improve your results, you shall move with your threaded rods so that all of the points are reachable. When you get your axes perpendicular or slightly skewed, nothing needs to be tweaked as printer will perform with the best accuracy.

Pressing the button will get you to the 2nd screen. This screen will identify how far you are from the perfect perpendicularity. It is measuring the skew of your X/Y axis.

Up to 0.25 ° = Severe skew compensating for offset of 1.1 mm on 250 mm length
to 0.12° = Slight skew compensating for offset of 0.5 mm on 250 mm length
0.12° = No need to compensate , X/Y axes are perpendicular. Congratulations! 

It may look that the compensations are not that high at the first sight. However, if we take into consideration the 250 mm X-axis length, 1.1 mm is a large margin. In order to improve your axis perpendicularity, make sure the the distance of the front calibration points (seen on the first screen) is the same. 

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