Self-test (MK3)

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First thing you will have to do after assembling your printer is the Selftest. Within this routine we check the most common errors regarding the built and electronics wiring. Selftest can be run via. LCD - Calibration - Selftest. This should not be necessary for fully built printers.

Wizard - Selftest can be ran directly through wizard. So simply press [yes] once it asks if if you want to run it. Or you can manually start wizard from LCD - Calibration - wizard.  

Self-test consists: 

  1. Extruder and print fan test
  2. Heatbed and hotend proper wiring
  3. XYZ motors proper wiring and functionality
  4. XY axis length
  5. XY belts tension
  6. Loose belt pulley test 

Progress and results of each step are displayed on the LCD. In case of any errors found. Selftest is interrupted. You can check out all of the errors bellow. 

Self-test error messages (MK3)

Extruder & Print fan test

Front print fan/ Left hotend fan - Not spinning:

  1. Make sure that both of your fans are connected properly at the EINSY miniRAMBo board.
  2. Check out for any blockage. Preventing either of the fans to spin. 

  3. Go over the wiring and make sure that none of the zip-ties is overtightened and preventing fans to spin.
  4. i3 MK3 selftest is capable of telling you which of the fans are not working. So simply check the one that is diagnosed as not OK.

Heatbed & Hotend test

Please check/ Not connected - Heater/ Thermistor:
Bed/ Heater - Wiring error:

  1. Make sure that both thermistors and heater are connected properly at the EINSY miniRAMBo board.
  2. Check out if your Heated bed cables are not damaged by overtightened zip-tie. 
  3. Investigate your Heated bed thermistor. It must be perfectly attached under the Golden kapton tape.


XY axis length test

Please check: Axis length - Axis {XYZ}: 

  1. Start the Selftest routine again. via LCD - Calibration - Selftest. And monitor if there is not anything blocking the path at any of the axis.
  2. Pay attention to your Extruder cable management and assembly of your axis. 
  3. Most common source of the problem is a Zip-tie which is blocking the path of the X/Y axis travel. So please make 100% sure that none of them is blocking proper movement of your axis.

Loos belt pulley test

Loose pulley - {XY}:

  1. Simply make sure that both of your pulleys are properly tightened. If they would not be. Then they would be spinning around the motor shaft without moving the axis.

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