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If you find that your printer is louder than you'd like, there are a few things you can do to quiet things down. 

Silent Mode

This is the quickest way to make your printer quieter. By default, the printer is set to "High power" mode. This mode gives the stepper motors a little more current than normal, therefore making them a little bit noisier. We have this as an option for builds that aren't 100% and have a little bit of friction/binding on an axis, the little extra current allows the motors to power thru.

You can change the mode two ways:

  1. From the menu system LCD - Settings - [High-power mode] -> [Silent mode]
  2. During a print LCD - Tune - [High-power mode] -> [Silent mode]

Auto Power mode

From the firmware version 3.1.0, there is a new Auto Power Mode. It sets stepper motors power which lies between silent and high power mode. In Auto Power Mode stepper currents depend on Z height. Current starts low when Z height is minimal and increases slowly with the object being printed. 

You can change the mode two ways:

  1. From the menu system LCD - Settings - [High-power mode] -> [Auto power]
  2. During a print LCD - Tune - [High-power mode] -> [Auto power]

Padding under the printer

Another easy solution to dampening the noise your printer makes is to add some sort of padding underneath the printer. This will dampen any sound due to the resonance between the printer and the surface the printer is resting on.

You can use something you have around the house such as a folded towel or purchase foam padding like those that are used for children's play area. 

Lubricating rods and bearings

New noises coming from the printer after many hours of use is likely a sign that the rods and bearings could use some attention. We recommend using general purpose machine oil for lubricating the rods and bearings. A couple of things to keep in mind when apply lubrication to the printer:

  1. Best to apply the oil to the rods and have the bearings run back and forth. This will help the oil work its way into all the individual bearings.
  2. Wipe off excess oil, any large amounts leftover will become a magnet for debris.

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