P.I.N.D.A. Probe Misaligned

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PINDA probe Misaligned is a very common issue that can be fixed by fine-tuning the build of the printer. There are several factors and adjustments to consider in order to fix it.

To fix it. We must consider PINDA probe position on multiple spots around the heated bed. However once we get the 1st three right. Then you shall not experience any calibration errors what so ever. 

Bellow you can find description for the 3 main errors 

Side shift:

Side shift is not very common due to the build design. However End-stop can be misplaced a little. In order to fix it, you must unscrew the End-stop, push it to its proper place. And while holding it, screw it again.

Front shift:

This happens once you do not have the Frame perfectly perpendicular with the Front and the Rear of the printer. In order to fix it. Simply unscrew the M12 bolts holding it and move the Frame to its designed position (either to he front, back, depending on the relative position of your PINDA probe). 

Pay extra attention to the flatness of your Y-axis. We would recommend checking that all 4 corners are touching the ground as they did before this operation.

Twist shift

This is probably the most common shift of the Y-axis built you can have. Just like in the Front shift. Simply unscrew the M12 bolts holding it and move the Frame to its designed position.

Most of the time it will be a combination of two. Take your time with fine tuning. As it is crucial to properly calibrate your printer.

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