PINDA probe testing

Updated 10 days ago ​by Tomáš Chvalina

If you are suspecting an issue with the PINDA probe readings and whether or not it is functioning as expected, please try the following:

In order to make the following test valid. Please do the tests under the same conditions. 

  1. Connect the printer via USB and Pronterface.
  2. Ensure the nozzle is clean and the print surface clear of any obstructions.
  3. Issue a "G80" command, this will start the mesh bed leveling process.
  4. Once the process is complete, send a "G81" command, this will report out the interpolated Z values for a 7 x 7 array that composes the mesh bed.
  5. Repeat the process at least 3 times.
  6. Compare data points for each reported 7 x 7 array.

You want to make sure there are no large deviations (>0.2) between each point of the array with each interpolated Z value. Remember that each data point is a position, and you should compare that same position with the same position of the other reports.

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