Bondtech Extruder gears

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The Bondtech Extruder gears are made of hardened carbon steel. As the gear meshing section is constantly turning during this operation, it needs lubrication to reduce wear, lower friction and reduce noise.

If your Extruder gears are already full of dust, caused by the friction. Simply clear the dust as best as you can and follow instructions in the maintenance.   
Dust on Extruder gears


It is recommended to use a lithium based grease (e.g This procedure shall be done roughly every 3-6 months. Depending on the usage of your Printer. 

Do not use oil! Since it may spread into the section where the filament is fed into the Hotend. 
  1. Open the Extruder idler after 100 hours of printing. Clear left-over filament dust & and inspect both of the gears. 
    1. You can use Assembly manual to do so. Simply undo STEP 15. This way you will be able to open the Extruder idler easily.
  2. Put some grease on Extruder gear teeth in order to reduce friction. After extensive use of your printer. You may also inspect the Needle bearings which are inside. 
Needle bearings in the Extruder gear

Bondtech gears doing "squeaky" noise 

Although steps in the previous paragraph shall reduce friction and possible squeaky noises of your Extruder gears. There is still chance that it was caused with the assembly of your Extruder. 

Check following:

  1. Make sure that your idler is not overtightened. That can happen if you over-tighten screws in STEP 15 of the E-axis assembly.
  2. Double check the alignment for both of your Extruder gears. Both of them must be aligned so that they can properly 

  3. As in the maintenance. Make sure there is no filament dust around the gear.  
  4. Lastly, make sure that both of your gears can move freely. Which they should if you have followed all of the instructions in this article. 

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